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中文 (简体): Information from California on COVID-19 (Chinese - Simplified) 来自加利福尼亚的有关COVID-19的信息-英文

Picture of an uncrowded pier (early morning in 2019).

1) Please go to this website:

1) 请去这个网站

2) To translate to Chinese

2) 翻译成中文

3) Click "Translate"

3) 请点击 "Translate"

4) Click on the menu "Select Language"

4) 点击菜单 "Select Language"

5) and select "Chinese (Simplified)"

5) 然后选择 "Chinese (Simplified)"

6) Then find or go to this website

6) 然后找到或去这个网站

Updated 04/02/2020

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