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中文 (繁體): The CDC website for COVID-19 (Chinese Traditional) CDC COVID-19 網站

Service is provided in multiple languages by the government. Pictured: Alhambra City Hall, California

CDC Website on COVID-19 in Chinese (Traditional):

CDC COVID-19 網站 (繁體中文):

You can find more information here from the CDC (Chinese Simplified):

您可以在這裡找到更多信息: CDC 中文 (繁體)

Facts on COVID-19 in .pdf

COVID-19 的事實 .pdf This may help in the search for more information. 這可能有助於搜索更多信息。

Please feel free to share this information.  請隨時分享此信息。 First published on 03/26/2020 and updated 04/02/2020

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