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We are open to considering contract or project services to develop VR or augmented reality applications for the life sciences, education, and biology fields. Services are only available to residents, laboratories, Universities, and businesses within the United States of America at this time with valid forms of verification. Entities in North America may be considered as well.


We are not a healthcare provider or physician service. If you require emergency attention, please contact your local emergency contact line. 

Please contact us first before placing any orders for more information by using the form or information found below.


  • Applications development using either VR, Augmented Reality, 2-D, or 3-D technologies related to the life sciences, education, and biology

  • Digital modeling limited to the complexity of the system and available resources

  • Literature searches limited to a reasonable, feasible package

  • Contract Research in Biomedical or Biology-related areas

  • Feel free to contact us regarding any related inquiries or ideas. 

Terms and details will be discussed. Amendments and additional fees may be discussed for additional work.

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