LifeSci Sage II - Life Science Explorer:
The Augmented Reality Game

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App Details:

• Developer: Sage LifeSci, Inc. based in South San Francisco, California

• Release Date: September 2017, (iOS, Android)

• Website:

• Google Play Store link:

• Apple App Store link:

• Price: free

• Availability: Apple App Store, Google Play Store

• ESRB: 17+, PEGI 18, USK 12

• Press Contact:

• Social: @LifeSciExplorer, Facebook


- This is an augmented reality camera app and social game used to explore the life sciences including biology, genetics, and biochemistry. 

- Earn experience points, 50 levels, and explorer badges! Unlock 3 Tiers with 12 unique AR model-target pairings!

- Boost engagement in lab, classes, meetings, conferences, expeditions, ice cream socials, coffee breaks, ice breakers, and networking events! 

- FREE digital targets are available, and hard copy prints can be purchased here:

- Parents, teachers, and scientists can creatively encourage conservation, recycling, and engagement in the life sciences! Track 2 AR Targets simultaneously and come up with innovative, fun uses and games! Check out the animations!

- Do you see something fascinating in the world of biology or cool example of applied life sciences out in the wild? 

- Why not pose with it and share it? Use these hashtags on social media, and your image may be considered and selected as a feature! 

- Partner up using your device for the camera and a friend's device to display the AR targets!

- Are you observing cell division, metamorphosis, or insect specimen? Is that a very powerful microscope you are using? 

- Are you out in the world and observing the natural wonders of the animal kingdom and beautiful flora? 

- Do you want to show your support for the life sciences, science education, life-saving research, saving endangered species, and conservation?

- Recommended Devices: iPhone 7 and up

- Only the app is provided. Chairs, plants, et cetera are not included. Discover your own unique uses and let us know!

Demo Materials:

AR Target Designs for testing only (scroll for more)

Screenshot (2846)
Screenshot (2846)

Screenshot (2849)
Screenshot (2849)

Screenshot (2855)
Screenshot (2855)

Screenshot (2846)
Screenshot (2846)


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