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LifeSci Sage II    
Life Science Explorer: The Augmented Reality Game

​Inspire science selfies and share your photos in support of science, recycling, and conservation efforts! 

Featured User Images

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Inspire young scientists with Augmented Reality designs now implemented for the turtle, scientists, gel electrophoresis, microscope, pipette, honeybee, polar bear, & penguin! 

Tell stories and engage in the life sciences with these new featured digital artwork by our resident, local artist! 

This is an augmented reality camera app and social game used to explore the life sciences including biology, genetics, and biochemistry. It now features artwork from local artists promoting life sciences engagement!


Earn experience points, 60 levels, and explorer badges! Unlock 4 Tiers with 16 unique Augmented Reality model-target pairings!


Boost engagement in lab, classes, meetings, conferences, expeditions, ice cream socials, coffee breaks, ice breakers, and networking events! 

Below you will find the image targets now from Tiers 0 - 4! You can click on the image gallery to select and magnify the image for display, or you can download them for use with the Life Science Explorer - The Augmented Reality Game app. 

Sample Augmented Reality Target Designs:

Update 1.01.41:

A New Tier and Targets are available! Please match the target numbers to use the new target instead of the old one.

Tier 2:

Tier 1:

Tier 0:

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