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The Vision:

Biomedical sciences and science communication can benefit from advances in the latest, state-of-the-art technological developments. Computers, VR, and AR are powerful technologies that are being implemented to great, beneficial effects. These tools are just a few under development that harness such technology for the good of society.

Our Approach:

If you have ever wondered how researchers in the life sciences explore this world, then these apps allow you to become more engaged in the tasks of a laboratory scientist studying, well, life and explore a few key concepts, cool techniques, and the wonders of the world. 

These apps are designed by scientists and industry experts and can be used by scientists, college-level students, and adults interested in the life sciences. These apps are acting much like a mediator, lens, and browser into the world of biology and the natural world.

How has science and biology benefited society? We have therapies and treatments for diseases like cancer, prosthetics, environmentally friendly advances, fitness bands and sensors, educational devices, and so much more.


Curiosity drives us to explore further and further, while technological developments allow us to do so.  These apps offer a view of key aspects of a biology laboratory and demystifies some concepts. It opens up the world of biology and science in general to everyone - shared, collective knowledge. 


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The Developer:

From the start, my mission has always been to improve the lives of those affected by diseases and debilitating conditions.  Innovative state-of-the-art technology can be used to address these problems. It is regardless of political agendas or political climates. However, it is where we get insights and advancement in technologies. Technological advancements ranging from genetics and microscopy to virtual reality, artificial intelligence, and augmented reality are just fascinating! In the development of this game from a philosophical perspective, ethical considerations, specifically with bioethics here, are still major factors. Growing up, I was an avid gamer and tinkerer with cars. With my training in biomedical sciences and fascination with the latest technology, I have innovative solutions to key problems in biomedical research and in life science education. 


Consultants                                Investors

Founder, Developer, Designer
Digital Artist
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  • Software Engineer with over 17 years of experience

  • Game Master with over 20 years of experience

  • Laboratory Researchers

  • Attorneys

  • Stan L. MBA, Business Mentor

  • Jimmy T., Creative Marketing Strategist and Software Engineer

  • Personal funds

  • Family funding of projects and endeavors

Original Art                                              

Big Thank you's to the following awesome artists:

  • Dixon W., Masters in Fine Arts

  • WaHa / Collateral Damage Studios

  • Independent artists including Shunigama and Team Dankie

  • Some photography was provided by TT.

  • Assembly was used to generate some of the designs.

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